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Reviews on I Review You end up classifying albums and songs in one of the following categories: Cuisine, Lasagna, Peanuts, Pizza, and Yogurt. These categories are not derogatory in any way, all of them are taken in positive ways. Check the descriptions below.



CuisineFine, fine music. Cuisine music can’t be rushed. This was precisely crafted so you could feel each thing that’s in it, while still keeping the bigger picture in mind. Lines are pretty clear and leave space for everything to breathe in. Subtleties emerge as much as you give them space to and every time you return to it it’s better appreciated. This is the kind of thing you need on a light rain night, near a fireplace. Someone to enjoy it silently with would be a good thing too. Then you share a smile. Brilliant night.


LasagnaLasagna music has the power to dominate your body. And mind. This is the stuff you have to be prepared for before actually getting near the thing. Don’t just arrive and ask for it as you would for a glass of water. You also have to know this: you’ll need time to rest before moving to the next dish. Troubling, aggressive, mind-boggling, TMI, be it as it is, your stomach will be crushed. Put your phone aside, stop whatever you’re doing. Lasagna music is that kind of thing that won’t go easy and doesn’t care if you are ready or not. It doesn’t ask for you to be in anticipation. You’ve got to be ready, right here, right now.


PeanutsMaybe you take some, maybe you take a bunch at a time. Relax. Then you think of life, get back to your desk, work some more. Focus. Take another break and get some more peanuts. Share the peanut bowl with a friend at the counter or with a colleague while working on a project on your desk. Stretch. Peanut music is there to make you keep going, but it is NOT background music. It refuses to be! It has the power to summon you from whatever you’re doing so you can join in during the chorus. It doesn’t matter if it’s coding, cleaning up the house or waiting on the line, it will, for a quick second, make you forget you’re actually working and your mind will fall in balance between focus and relaxation. Maybe you’ll headbang a little. Here, take some more peanuts.


PizzaDon’t lie. We all know the truth about pizza and that is: it works. It may be good, it may be bad, you’re in a crappy day, you just heard the greatest news ever, it’s Mordor-hot summer, your city is under a hundred feet of snow. It doesn’t matter. Pizza music works and you’ll enjoy it. It fits absolutely every moment in your life. Whenever you’re in a foreign land, with strange dishes, sauces and flavors, you know where to run: look for a pizza slice on any sign. You’re safe now. Maybe you’ll add something or many things to it, it doesn’t really matter because you know. it. works. Never doubt a pizza!


YogurtNot all things come in strong flavors. There is so much smoothness in this kind of music that you can only feel it is like waking up on the most comfortable mattress ever, after sleeping the sleep of the just during your first night of vacations. The light wind comes through the window while early light slowly paints the room gold. Yogurt music is everything you need for such blissful mornings. It feels smooth with every spoonful you take, while you take your time to let yourself submerge back in such gentle sheets of comfort. Oh my, this feels… great……

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